Our Bakery

#Crusts Ldn is an indie bakery specialising is sassy, sweet pies. Less concerned with appearance than flavour, our pies are rustic and a little rough around the edges. The crusts are flakey and sweet and filled with tangy, fruity fillings.  We're focussed on sourcing local, fresh produce, and buying organic where possible. We believe in sustainability, reducing food waste and being super friendly to the environment. Operating out of my home kitchen, #Crusts is a passion project combining my love of sweet pie, fresh produce, Lee Pace and listening to podcasts while I bake.

We can be found at markets and pop-ups across London (come say hi!), as well as online, with pies available for delivery to your business or even your home. Our menu consists of a few staples, but we're always inventing and experimenting with seasonal flavours to keep things fresh. For all the information about upcoming flavours and what podcasts we're listening to subscribe to our fortnightly newsletter 'Crusts: Extra Filling.'



Sweet pies have always been a cultural touchstone for us. Whether it's the 'á la modey' diner scene in Little Miss Sunshine, Sara Bareilles's sugary sweet Broadway musical Waitress, or that notorious moment which gave the American Pie franchise its name, as far as desserts go, pies are at the forefront of culture. Our joint love of dessert and pop culture are a big part of what led us to baking in the first place.

One of our biggest inspirations is the colour saturated world of Pushing Daisies, Lee Pace's Pie Maker is not only a deft hand at bringing people back to life, he's also an excellent baker. His pies are so cartoonishly big and bright they're almost as heartwarming as the show itself. The rules governing his powers of resurrection may prevent him and Chuck from ever holding hands but at least he's able to share the gift of pie with the person he cares about most and solve some crimes while he's doing it.


Perhaps no other cultural landmark has given sweet pie the air time and level of devotion it deserves as Twin Peaks. Agent Dale Cooper's love of cherry pie and good hot coffee have fuelled our own, and kept us safe from Bob as well. Now if someone could just tell us what year is this!?!

When thinking about how to combine our love of fresh, locally sourced produce, baking, and Lee Pace we turned to these icons of pop culture. Our aim is to create a space in London's culinary landscape for the sweet pie to shine. With a sense of humour and a little irreverence we want to bring sweet pie to the masses, baking a little bit of joy into each crust.