A little bit rough around the edges.

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When it's crust not enough.


Our Bakery

A bit rough around the edges.

#Crusts is a new indie bakery, specialising in sassy sweet pies made with seasonal fruit and flakey AF pastry.

Bringing a touch of American diner culture to London, our pies are bursting with tangy, delicious fillings, using fresh seasonal ingredients and are great served with cream, á la mode, or just on their lonesome. Handmade to order from my home kitchen, each pie is filled with positive energy, delivered to your home or business, and guaranteed to bring you closer to true happiness.

Keep an eye out for us at pop-ups across London and at a market stall near you.

For when it’s crust not enough!

'Cater 2 U'

let us

In the words of Destiny's Child we'll 'Cater 2 U'. 

If you're a café, restaurant, or business in need of some crusty goodness; or hosting an event (wedding, birthday, funeral, album launch, etc); or simply sitting at home wishing to fulfil your Twin Peaks fantasy we've got a pie for you. And we'll deliver it right to your pie hole.

For large or ongoing orders, give us an email here: crustsldn@gmail.com or leave us a message here.

For individual pies or one off orders feel free to order online...

“We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.”

David Mamet - Boston Marriage

crusts logo black.png